Welding Metal: Why It Is Harmful To Your Eyes & Body

Are you aware that welding metal can cause harm to your eyes? It is vital for a professional to be hired when you need welding done because he or she will have the right equipment and protective gear to do it safely. Learn why welding metal is harmful to your eyes when it is not done the right way, as well as other parts of your body.

Why is Welding Metal Harmful to Eyes?

Welding metal is harmful to your eyes because the task uses open flame. The flame produces radiation that hurts the cornea of your eyes when protective gear is not worn. The damage to the corneas leads to a condition that is referred to as welder's flash, which typically lasts for two days.

Your eyes can suddenly become sensitive to light when you have this condition. Welder's flash may make you feel as though something is in your eyes when it is not. Due to the irritation, you may continually rub your eyes trying to get rid of the feeling. Your eyes can become red, watery and painful. The condition can go away without medical attention, but a physician can prescribe drugs if necessary to speed up healing or help you cope.

Welder's flash can also harm other parts of your body from exposure to fumes of manganese. The normally harmless trace nutrient is detrimental when inhaled in large amounts because it can interfere with your ability to move. You can also lose your balance from exposure to large quantities.

How Should Welding Metal Be Done To Stay Protected?

Protective goggles are the best way to keep your eyes protected during the welding process. The best type is the ones that offer protection against ultraviolet radiation to avoid getting welder's flash. The goggles must be worn each time the flame is on because a small amount of exposure can cause harm.

An exhaust fan can be placed in a window to reduce the amount of manganese fumes in the work area. The fan will route the fumes outside. You may still inhale a small amount of fumes, but they are not likely to cause any symptoms.

The best thing you can do to stay safe is not take on a welding project when you don't have the right skills. Hire a welder to take on the task so it can get done in a safe and efficient manner!