4 Tips For Winter Driving

Winter can be treacherous, especially when it comes to driving on slick and snowy roads. It's all too easy to slip off the road, get stuck in a snowdrift, or end up in a car accident because of whiteout conditions. If you have to be driving in the winter time, especially if it's a storm, there are some things that you can do to make sure that your trip goes well and you get to your location safely. 

4 Wheel Drive Doesn't Mean 4 Wheel Stop

A car with 4WD gives you better traction. Better traction means that you have better steering. However, better steering doesn't mean that you have better stopping. And really, it's stopping that will cause you the most problems. Because you have that good traction and steering, you may end up going faster than you would otherwise go in other conditions. You need to make sure that you have enough stopping space because your extra steering control has nothing to do with your brakes. 

Keep Your Eyes Where You Want to Go

Getting into a skid is scary. You probably start looking at where the car is going. But that's not what you want to do. What you need to do is keep your eyes where you need to go. Your body tends to follow your eyes. You may have noticed that phenomenon when you are walking. If you look at something, your body tends to go that way. It's the same thing in your car. Therefore, keep your eyes pointed back at the space where you need to go. That also helps you from getting disoriented during the skid. You always know where you need to go. 

Stay On Your Brakes

Most cars have anti-lock brake systems. These braking systems make sure that your brakes will keep functioning. Your may have been taught to pump your breaks so that they don't lock up and send you skidding. With an ABS, you don't have to do that. The brakes actually do that for you. So, if you need do an emergency stop, just put your foot on your brakes and leave it there. Let the ABS do its job while you pay attention to where your car is going. 

Rock and Roll

Getting stuck in the snow may seem almost inevitable. If you do get stuck, there are some easy things you can try before you need to call a tow truck to haul you out. One of them is to rock your car. You don't want to gun it, because all that does is dig a deeper hole. What you do is put your car in forward and drive slowly forward until you go as far as you can go. Then you put your car in reverse and do the same thing. Your goal is to help your tires get some traction so that you can get free. If you can get some cardboard, then you can put some under the tires to help with that traction. 

If you are careful, take your time, and think ahead, driving in the winter doesn't have to be treacherous. Talk to your local towing company such as Payless Auto Towing Ltd for more help.