Troubleshooting Common Electric Forklift Problems

When you have a functioning warehouse, the electric forklift is one of the most valuable components that you can have. There is no question it will get a lot of daily use by your employees. However, because the forklift is a piece of equipment that is heavily used, there will be times when problems come up, causing a delay in daily demands. Here are a few of the most common questions concerning problems with an electric-powered forklift and how they should be addressed.

Why would a forklift stop running when the forks are raised or lowered?

Every electric forklift is fitted with a current conductor that runs from the lower ascending unit at the base of the drive shaft. If these wires become worn, it can make your electric forklift act pretty unusually. It may operate fine for days and suddenly start showing signs of a problem, such as cutting out when the forks are raised or lowered. Check the wiring harnesses of the ascending unit to make sure there are no badly worn wires.

How is it possible for a new battery to not provide power?

If you have just replaced the battery and are still having issues with a battery with low charge, it is normally because the battery is the wrong size for the forklift that you have. In some cases, even the right battery size will cause the same problem if the connections are not properly in line, which is common when batteries look like they are the right fit, but are made for a different model.

Why would the forklift go forward, but not in reverse?

Electric forklifts are not equipped with a typical transmission that would be found on a diesel model. However, they do have a transfer case that works with a gear and pulley system during operation. It is not uncommon for the shafts and gears to get worn and cause problems with directional function. This type of repair will involve part replacement that can get fairly complex if you are not a skilled forklift technician, and therefore, it is often best to contact a certified maintenance mechanic for help.

When you know a bit about handling common electric forklift issues, it will be much easier to handle problems and get back to work when something does go wrong. Keep in mind that all models do have varying components, and therefore, you should always consult with your manufacturer's instructional manual before attempting major repairs.