How To Take Proper Care Of Your Garage Door To Avoid Future Problems

Your garage door is a part of your home you need to keep working smoothly. If your garage door starts giving you problems, it can be a big inconvenience, as well as a safety issue. You want to follow the tips below in order to know you are providing your garage door with proper maintenance to keep it working as it should.

Keep the parts tightened up

Your garage door does a lot of going up and down. This puts quite a bit of stress on the parts and can lead to them loosening up over time. When your garage door's hardware does loosen up, it will cause more stress to be put on the parts and can lead to the need for costly repairs. You should go over the brackets and bolts of your garage door regularly and make sure they are tight.

Keep the moving parts lubricated

If you allow the moving parts on your garage door to become dry, this can lead to early wear and tear of the parts. Lubricating the parts is quick and easy to do, but many people overlook this important maintenance tip which leads to early repairs of their doors. Spray lubricant on the overhead springs and grease the chain on the garage door opener.

Make sure the eyes work

If you have an automatic garage door opener, you want to make sure the eyes are functioning properly. This is a safety feature you need to check to ensure there won't be any accidents. You want to shut the garage door and as it starts coming down, move something in front of the eyes. The door should immediately stop coming down. If it continues to come down, you want to call out a repair technician to fix the problem.

Keep the tracks clear of debris

You should regularly inspect the tracks of your garage door and make sure they are free of dirt and debris. You should take a hand-held broom and use it to knock out any dirt or buildup you may not be able to see.

Seal cracks or holes

If you have a wooden garage door, then you want to be sure you seal any cracks or holes you find in the door. You can use caulking to seal them.

By providing your garage door with proper maintenance, you can put off problems that would cause you to need to have the door repaired in the near future.