Easy DIY Fixes For Stuck Garage Doors

Some people are amazed to find out that they do not have to call a professional for certain issues with their garage doors. Fixing a stuck garage door does not necessarily require you to be extremely handy with tools, and in most cases, simple repairs involve standard tools and parts that you already have around your home. 

Ice Issues

Inspect the door and around the frame to determine what is causing it to stick. If it is winter time, it is possible that ice is the culprit. Getting a frozen door to operate involves thawing out the icy areas. You can use a hair dryer to thaw the ice. You may need to plug it into an extension cord to ensure enough cord length. Another option is to use a flat and sharp object such as a knife to carefully chip away at the ice. 

Dirt and Lubricant Issues

Garage doors may also get stuck as a result of grease and debris build-up in the tracks. Your garage door may initially perform loudly if there are lubrication or debris issues. The noise is caused by the rollers making contact with the debris and build-up in the track. Not cleaning and lubricating the door may eventually lead to it getting stuck.

If this is the case, manually raise the door. Scrape away the debris and grease from the inner track. A flat-head screwdriver or similar tool can be used to scrape and remove the debris inside of the track.

Follow up by cleaning the inside of the tracks with a degreaser and cloth. You can spray the degreaser directly onto the tracks, and use the cloth to wipe it away. The other option is to apply the degreaser to the cloth. You will need to push the cloth along the tracks to clean them. Use the tip of the same tool you chose for scraping away the debris to guide the cloth through the tracks. Use a silicon-based lubricant to oil the tracks after cleaning them. 

Misshapen Track

Your garage door relies on a straight track path to operate. The tracks on the door can become bent, and the result is a door that is prone to getting stuck. 

You will need a piece of wood (thin enough to place between the tracks), a hammer, and one or two people to help you. Manually raise the door and secure it to ensure it does not fall during the repair. If you are unable to secure the door, enlist the help of one person to hold the door up during the repair.

Have a helper hold the wood sturdy towards the bent side while you use the hammer to strike against the wood forcing the bent area to straighten back out. The wood is an important part of this, because it ensures that the track does not bend in the opposite direction during the hammering.  

What You Should Not Do

Do not try to force a stuck garage door open by repetitively hitting the open button on your remote. This is because you may damage the motor, strip the gears, or break the coils in the door. Do not attempt to melt the ice by warming the garage up with your vehicle due to the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. Beware of trying to melt ice with water. The extreme temperatures may cause the water to freeze quickly, resulting in more ice.

Final Thoughts

A garage door repair company is the best resource to use for problems that persist or reoccur with your door. Garage door supply companies are also good resources. Even if you are able to handle simple repairs, always ensure that you have your door serviced by a professional annually to reduce the chances of your garage door malfunctioning. Contact a company like Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd for more information.