Taking A Closer Look At Ground Heating Options For Oilfield Projects

When you are in the business of harvesting a natural resource, you never know how the weather will affect your operations. In the oil mining industry, low temperatures and freezing ground can halt an ongoing project overnight, no matter how far along you may be in the process. Unfortunately, sudden drops in temperature can wreak havoc on equipment and already reserves that are still in the pump lines beneath the ground. To ward off winter weather so you can at least withdraw your equipment without damage and move to a new location, ground heating supplies are crucial.

What types of ground heating equipment are available?

While you may know some of the basics of ground heating, if you are like a lot of new players in the oilfield industry, you have no idea just how many different options you have for altering ground temperatures. A few pieces of equipment you should familiarize yourself with include:

Portable ground heaters - Portable ground heaters are large pieces of equipment that are mobile enough to be transported to various locations on site. The main housing is a heater that typically operates via a generator, but long and flexible pipelines are placed in drilled areas of the ground to transmit heat.

Barrel heaters - For quick heating, barrel heaters are a good option to have on hand. These heaters, which basically look like a barrel, are lowered into an opening in the ground and use infrared heating to thaw the surrounding areas.

Heating Blankets - One of the less expensive options, heating blankets are perfect for use over a small area. These large and flexible rubber sheets have wiring running throughout to warm the ground at surface levels. Even though these heaters may not reach great depths, they are an excellent way to keep the ground warm overnight when there are concerns of heavy frost.

Where is the best place to find ground heating equipment in a hurry?

Ground heating equipment is usually available in abundance wherever oilfield equipment is sold. However, oilfield rental supply companies also usually have different types of ground heaters on hand as well, which is convenient if you do not want to invest in heating equipment of your own at a certain point in the project.

Even though oncoming cold weather can mean that it is time to pack up your mining operations and relocate to a warmer area, sudden freezing does not have to be such a hindering block if you have the right equipment. For more information about ground heaters or other oilfield equipment, talk to a sales representative in your area or click here.