An Industrial and Manufacturing Must: Air Conditioning Service That Prevents Dangerous and Costly Events

There are some products that require a constant and consistent temperature in order to avoid combustion. If you work in a plant with at least one area that is cooled by air-conditioning service, then you probably have at least one area where combustion is possible because of the products your factory makes. In the event that the boss or supervisor is not around, you may have to make needed repair and maintenance calls for your plant. Here are some of the air-conditioning services that can prevent an explosion or other dangerous event in your plant and what those services do.

Services for "the Cold Room"

Plants that have a "cold room" often utilize these cold rooms to

  • reduce the environmental temperature around a substance or product
  • set or harden adhesives
  • set or harden products that were extruded using heat and force
  • suspend potentially harmful substances from becoming gas and/or prevent them from exploding

A commercial HVAC contractor will come in, check the controls, and double-check the cold room's temperature to verify that it is the right temperature for everything stored within. He or she will also check the refrigerant levels, check and replace the condensers if necessary, inspect refrigerant lines and power lines, and check the gaskets on the doors to the cold room to make sure they are sealing warmer air out and preventing temperature fluctuations.

Services for the Entire Plant

Sometimes an entire manufacturing plant has to remain a constant temperature. When you live and work in Canada, for example, that may be easier to do during the colder months because the air conditioning does not need to be on all the time. However, in the summers, the air conditioning may have to work overtime. Your HVAC technician will provide semi-annual maintenance to the plant's entire cooling system, making sure the ambient temperature indoors is always within one degree of the necessary temperature your production line needs it to be.

In addition to the maintenance services, the technician/contractor can also install digital temperature monitors, which can read the smallest fluctuations in temperature in every area of the plant. The data recorded by you or your employees can then be entered into the computer. If at any time there is a system failure or a product failure, you can likely track it back to the recorded data on the computer and point to a cooling services failure. This will also help you track the batch numbers of the products made during that particular time and date, thereby setting the parameters for a recall.

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