Salvaging Trim And Moulding For Re-Use

If you're planning to paint or remodel a room in your home, adding crown moulding can really make it look elegant and beautiful. However, buying all new trim can be expensive, and you might have antique moulding that is hard to find elsewhere that you want to salvage. Here are some helpful instructions so you can salvage the moulding you currently have in order to reinstall it and continue enjoying it for many years to come.

Careful Removal

When removing moulding you plan to save, it's important that you do so carefully so as not to break or crack it. Cut the paint around the edges of the moudling first using a sharp utility knife. This will make it easier when you're ready to pull the moulding away from the wall. Try to pry the pieces of moulding away from the wall using a putty knife first rather than a sharper knife. The putty knife should be able to help you separate the moulding from the wall without causing damage. You can lightly tap the putty knife with a hammer if you encounter sections that are harder to pry off. If you're dealing with heavier duty moulding, you may need to use a bigger pry bar to help you get it away from the wall. Just be sure you're gentle with the prying motions, and use an even handed approach to prevent it from breaking into pieces.

Prepping For Re-Use

Once you've carefully removed all of the moulding, you can get it ready to be repainted for re-installation. Pull out all of the nails in the moulding by using a hammer pry tool or a pair of end nippers that will cut the nail flush to the wood. Gently scrape off all excess old paint from the surface of the moulding, and check for any splits. If you locate any cracking or splitting, you can easily repair it by applying some wood glue to the crack and then using a clamp to compress the pieces together until the glue is dry. Sand down the surface of the moulding until you get a clean, smooth finish. Now the material is completely prepped for a fresh coat of paint to match the current room's decor. To finish prepping the moulding for re-use, fill in any nail holes with wood putty. Let the wood putty dry and then paint over the moulding with the same color as the rest of the trim for a beautiful, even appearance. 

If you don't have any moulding to salvage or if this process seems too difficult, contact professionals from a company like Exquisite Wood Mouldings to help you with your moulding installation project.