3 Ways To Stay Safe Around The Company Pallet Wrapper

Safety is vital on the work floor. Employers who don't keep their employees safe risk a visit from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and risk heavy fines or even being shut down. On top of that, good workers could be injured or killed. Here are three things to do to make sure your company's pallet wrapper isn't a risk to those on the floor. 

Maintain the Proper Guarding

One of the most important things to do when you have heavy equipment on the work floor is to make sure that equipment is maintained and has the right guards. Some employers say that guards get in the way; they are designed to slow down workers and keep people away from machinery so they don't get caught up in moving parts. If you or an employee removes those guards, it's possible that someone could unexpectedly get too close to the wrapper, putting him or herself in danger. 

Use a Cage

It might seem extreme, but using a cage to encase the pallet wrapper means that only the person putting the item inside and performing the pallet wrapper's maintenance will be around the item at any one time. This means there aren't two people involved in using the item, and there won't be a risk for miscommunication about when to turn it on or when someone's inside the cage. With a cage around a pallet wrapper, there's no risk of people coming into contact with the wrapper for no reason; it's always out of reach unless a person intends to enter the cage. If someone is entering the cage, then that person should be educated in how to use the wrapper safely. 

Train Employees in Pallet Wrapper Safety

Speaking of safety, it's always wise to train each employee on the safety of working with heavy machinery. While a pallet wrapper looks like it moves slowly and isn't a risk to others, the fact is that there are moving parts that can cause lacerations, amputations, and abrasions. No one wants to get hurt at work, which is why it's so important to talk to your employees about staying away from machinery they aren't trained in using and how to use machinery they will be using correctly. Talk to your employees about the risks of horseplay and negligence, too, as one bad decision could result in injuries or fatalities. 

These are just three things you could do to improve safety at your facility. Try them or other techniques to keep your employees safe. Contact a company that sells pallet wrapping equipment for more information on how to safely use pallet wrappers.